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Keyvan Chemirani
Persian percussions

Creations: Battements au coeur de l'Orient , Le Rythme de la Parole

To think of the Iranian percussions as a syntax which allows him to invest the oral or written music’s of the whole world, and to realise masterpieces: this is the difficult yet fascinating road that Keyvan Chemirani follows, in order to transform, bit by bit, the Persian musical inheritance received through his father Djamchid Chemirani into multiform creations.
That is why, at age 35, he can in his turn teach the legacy of the oral tradition, while keeping in mind a contemporary aim.

Keyvan starts learning Zarb at age 13 with his father, assimilating the traditional technique and knowledge rapidly. Until 1989, he studies and graduates in mathematics at the same time as he starts an international career as soloist and accompanist. He also plays the Udu, an earthenware jar used in the East and in Africa, as well as the Bendir and the Riqq, two mediteranean percussions. He performs numerous concerts with various traditional groups: With Djamchid Chemirani and Bijan Chemirani (Trio Chemirani), with Hassan Tabbar (traditional Persian music), the Kudsi Erguner band (Ottoman music), , Ross Daly Ensemble (Greek and Turkish music), the Ethnic Archipel (quartet of percussions), The Erik Marchand Trio with Thierry Robin, with Françoise Atlan (music and Judeo - Spanish songs), with Juan Carmona (flamenco), with Irshad Hussein Khan, R. Shankar Mishra (meeting of Indian and Iranian percussions: tabla and zarb).

And also with Jazz bands, contemporary or improvised music : Percussion Orchestrated with Albert Mangelsdorff, the Machado-Chemirani Duet, Quartet Chant du Monde with J.M. Padovani, Renaud Garcia-Fons and Sylvain Luc.
For Theatre he created the music for the calligraphies by Hassan Massoudy and he played for the Contemporary Dance: Dance a Lille with Cécile Proust and Azul by Jackie Taffanel.

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