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Houria Aïchi et l'Hijâz'Car "Cavaliers de l'Aurès"

© Øystein Torheim
Algeria / France

Houria Aïchi is already known amongst French music lovers who have been following her since she began on stage with her repertoire « Singing of Aurès ». She is a Chaouïa singer from the Aurès, a mountainous region in the eastern part of Algeria that is loaded with History. Aïchi quickly proved her desire to transform traditional forms whilst remaining faithful to the deep roots of her culture.

Grégory Dargent, young oud player and talented composer, contributes to the project with a sensitive treatment of sound archives, the dynamics of rock, jazz, Mediterranean sounds … just so many styles that were concocted by the young musicians of the Hijâz' Car.

Alongside these artists, Houria Aïchi celebrates the universality of the rules of chivalry, courage, love, advocated by these cavalier princes, the Rayan el khil which marked her childhood. She makes us discover the poetry in the songs of her heritage thanks to the acoustic world sculpted in all their glory by Grégory Dargent.

Distribution :

Houria Aïchi : chant
Grégory Dargent : oud
Etienne Gruel : percussions
Jean-Louis Marchand : clarinette
Antony Gatta : percussions
Nicolas Beck : tarhu, hajouj

Concept and artistic direction : Martina A. Catella

Compositions and arrangement : Grégory Dargent

In the press
  • Les Cavaliers de l'Aurès

    " Accompagnée par les brillants musiciens de l'Hijâz'Car, la chanteuse algérienne Houria Aïchi interprête des poèmes mis en musique par le joueur de oud Grégory Dargent. Moment de grâce lorsque la grande dame chaouïa des Aurès se laisse emporter par ce qui se rapproche d'une transe. "

    Le Parisien
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