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Diana Baroni & Simon Drappier "Pan Atlantico"

Caroline Gutierrez
Argentina / France

A voice, six strings touched or bowed, the vibrating wood of a baroque flute.

Minimalist and powerful, the meeting of Simon Drappier -arpeggione- and Diana Baroni -chant, traverso- feeds on improvised music. Drawing their inspiration from the heart of a New World repertoire, contemporary or ancestral, imaginary echo of folklore inspired by European immigration at the start of the 20th century, they weave a hybrid and unexpected musical vocabulary, a dialogue in search of answers without questions. .

Their sonic material is the tension of the string before throwing the arrow; the perfect expression of a cultural exile nourished by a strong and overwhelming present.

On an imaginary boat PAN ATLANTICO crosses the seas and reveals improbable routes to the New World.

Next dates
  • 02 feb.
    20h30 360 Paris Music Factory - Paris (FR) [+]

    Festival Au Fil des Voix
    32 rue Myrha, 75018 Paris
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