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Inga Liljeström

Sarah Delaney
Australia / Finland

Folk Cinematography

Inga Liljeström is a rare artist, a rich artist, a multiple artist.

"We Have Tigers", his latest creation, is the result of a collaboration with his longtime accomplice, film composer Michael Lira, already present at his side at the time of Helgrind. Together they reach what she likes to compare to a form of synaesthesia, in which several artistic forms blend or respond. Between original compositions and covers of a forgotten folk repertoire, "We Have Tigers" was conceived in four hands, between Australia and France.

A little piece of folk jewelry, "We Have Tigers", combines a diverse repertory with strong arrangements that give each piece an atmosphere, sometimes sombre and agonizing ("Horses"), sometimes hotter and more luminous ("Tea To Boil"). Like a film, "We Have Tigers" takes you through different landscapes, different emotions. "Bloodstain", which was on "Black Crow Jane", was reworked, masterfully re-orchestrated by Michael Lira, in a heartbreaking epic ballad. "When I Was A Young Girl", on the other hand, finds herself very stripped, leaving only a storm to accompany the mesmerizing voice of Inga. This one, perfectly mastered, oscillates throughout the 12 songs, between sweetness and intensity to tell us his stories of love or his stories of death, to tear us away.

Distribution :

Inga Liljeström : vocals, guitar, ukulélé, toy piano

Chris Kenna : Guitar

Melissa Cox : Violin, keyboard

Gerard McFadden : Double bass

Joe Blaster : Drums, Samples

In the press
  • Inga Liljeström

    "Une indénible maîtrise dans l'écriture, la composition, la production, les arrangements, les visuels (...) Inga Liljeström, avec ses inquiétantes incitations, nous rappelle qu'avant elle un autre Australien habité est venu en Europe imposer sa vision unique sous haute influence de crooner torturé : Nick Cave."

  • Inga Liljeström

    "Les murmures d'Inga Liljeström, la plus finlandaise des autraliennes, nous donnent chaud (...) Efroi ! On pense à Björk forcément et facilement. Mais en plus sincère, moins prétentiex (...) On passe constamment de l'un à l'autre avec beacoup de plaisir et son set transporte vers des univers nouveaux."

    Les Inrocks
  • Inga Liljeström

    «  The australian singer that has a scandinavian name would make a ice cube melt. Every trader would like to list a voice like hers on the stock option. Fortunately for us, they have other occupations … »

    Addict Culture
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