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Accords Croisés is at once a concert office, a production agency and a recording-label of which the main aim is seeking out and promoting great voices of the world which are representative of a particular culture, aesthetic tradition or trend. Sacred or profane voices, voices conveying a particular tradition or straddling cultural divides, young or mature voices, rough or virtuoso ones – all these voices enable those they have been designated to represent to be heard.

A meeting-point for all who are fascinated by the voice and by what it conveys, Accords Croisés is currently expanding in three main areas:

1) The promotion of signed-up artists, allowing great voices of the world representing particular cultures, aesthetic traditions or trends to develop their careers by receiving practical help with their musical projects;

2) The stimulation of new encounters and creative opportunities arising out of the long-term collaboration between creative people from different backgrounds coming together to work on common projects; these may be preceded or further extended through live performances;

3) The enhancement of the label as a way of ‘giving the music back to the artists and to their public’. Thanks to the wealth of information they contain as well as a veritable feast of sound, our ‘disc-booklets’ permit an exploration of other musical traditions which is as intelligent as it is sensory.




The Vox Populi-Label Accords Croisés focuses mainly its work on the research and the promotion of great voices, the "Vox Populi", or spokesperson of a culture, an aesthetic and a musical movement. To let to the auditors to enter into the intimacy of that word that is foreign to them and which has always been linked at deep emotional contexts, we opted to surround our work of music production by an additionnal work : edition. 

Each album is a product of a significant work of musical conception, musical composition, sound production accompanied by a forty pages booklet richly documented, which is newly associate DVDs to introduce the subject. These elements which complement and enriched each other form a necessary set, for us, to a sensible approach and above all to a sensory approach of the artists and their musical universes. It's without doubt the reason why these "sound objects" have a great success.