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Common Routes

Ali Javan
Iran / France / Spain

Inspired by nomadic tales and exile, the "Common Routes" project explores the musical horizons of the Manouche world, offering a poignant testimony of travels and cross-border stories.

Becoming the shared narrative of this artistic collective, Manouche music captures the essence of movement, symbolizing wandering, escape, and the experience of exile.

This musical project resonates curiously with historical tumults, evoking the echoes of past crises, particularly that of the 1930s, which find a haunting parallel in the current global turmoil. However, the timeless soul of Manouche music endures, striking the emotions of all, from music enthusiasts to the youngest minds.

In this sonic exploration, the voice of Aïda Nosrat (Iran), accompanied by the violin, intertwines with the guitar and bouzouq of Olivier Kikteff (France), the accordion of Antoine Girard (France), the voice and dance of Núria Rovira Salat (Spain), as well as the percussion and singing of Habib Meftah Boushehri (Iran).

"Common Routes" thus embodies a true journey where Manouche music serves as a beacon, illuminating their artistic path without hindering the diversity of individual influences. It is an invitation to a sonic voyage where borders blur, giving way to a musical communion, uniting world melodies into a single enchanting harmony.

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  • 14 jun.
    20h30 Festival Parsi Parla - Excenevex (FR)
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