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Pakistan / Spain

The volcanic power of the qawwali vocals blends with the hypnotic lyricism of flamenco, blurring distances from Pakistan to Andalucía.

Following their first encounter ten years ago, Pakistani singer Faiz Ali Faiz enlists again the rhythm and inimitable chords of Juan Gómez "Chicuelo", the guitarist of preference of the great voices of flamenco. With an ensemble of singers and musicians especially reunited for this occasion, these artists go further in their search for the sources of flamenco in the IndoPakistani spirituality of Qawwali.

This is a trip into the mystic and nomadic history of gypsy music.

"Like two foaming rivers uniting into a rich musical torrent... It was extraordinary and the response at the end was overwhelming" Evening Standard

Distribution :

Faiz Ali Faiz and his ensemble : qawwali vocals
Chicuelo : guitar
Tomás de Perrate : vocals
David Lagos : vocals
Isaac Vigueras : percussion

Production :  Festival de St-Denis / METIS & Accords Croisés

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Next dates
  • 27 jul.
    0h00 Charlton Park - Wiltshire, Angleterre (FR)
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