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Los Kaminos

Chants sépharades de l'Andalousie aux Balkans // Sephardic songs from Andalusia to the Balkans

This musical selections on this album take us on a melodic, poetic and rhythmic journey. Here are songs with elliptical or metaphoric accents that tell of absence, desire, expectation, grace, jealousy, melancholy, pain, the mundane, the nobility of the heart.

Throughout their personal trajectories these musical artists have come face to face with the wealth of that culture's musical diaspora, especially in its so-called Sephardic dimension. And with good reason, for their playground is that Mediterranean basin where the great founding philosophies were woven.
Songs that fit snugly with all the range of that "loving feeling" born in the wake of courtly love; a love which will sprinkle its gold dust on a route that goes from the troubadours all the way to India. This album is the delicious outcome of a long collaboration between musicians and singers who for more than ten years have studied their voices and instruments but also the music sources that have inspired them. This choice of songs also imposed itself on them as the outcome of a long conversation about ways to make alive words and imaginary worlds that come from far away and that also infer their timelessness.

This recording, preoccupied with staying as close as possible to an immediacy of inspiration, benefited from the natural acoustics of the chapel of the Psychiatric Centre of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, where Van Gogh once stayed.

From Frank Tenaille

Distribution :

Henri Agnel : cittern, cetra, oud, rebec, bass vocals
Idriss Agnel : oud, zarb, cajon, harmonium, cittern, tenor vocals
Milena Jeliazkova : traditional soprano
Milena Roudeva : traditional alto-baritone

Collection VOX POPULI

CD - AC 163 - 2016
Harmonia Mundi