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Africa Mama

Djeli Moussa Condé, the music traveller, pays homage to the mother continent and Mama Africa - the song as well as the whole album to which it gives its title - tells this unfailing passion. Djeli Moussa sings about all of this very intimately, his voice overlaid on an elegant acoustic weaving entwined by the percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Gérald Bonnegrace, already known for his role in the Ethiopian-jazz band Arat Kilo.

The goal was to create a direct relationship between the voice of this African Joe Cocker and the listener, which acoustic instruments allow, especially the kora.

The entire album is arranged in this way: returning to the essential, by using as few effects and techniques as possible, string instruments, percussions, and enough space to clearly and perfectly bring out the emotion.

AC 195 - 2023