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Alma de Tango

Alma de Tango is both an intimate and moving show, by the emotion it induces, but is also ambitious and explosive by its musical exigency, its energy and its performer's stage presence.
This generous show makes us feel the different dimensions and emotions of tango, which is music as well as poetry and danse.

Keeping in mind tango owes its universal character to its deep rootedness into Argentin identity, this show revendicates a poetic dimension never forgetting its proudly popular belonging.

At the end of this trip, audience leaves delighted, with eyes, ears and soul filled with emotion and joy !

Distribution :

Juan José Mosalini : bandoneon
Sandra Rumolino : vocals
Jorge Rodriguez et Maria Filali : dance
Diego Aubia : piano
Sébastien Couranjou : violon
Leonardo Teruggi : doublebass

Collection VOX POPULI

CD - AC 161-62 - 2015
Harmonia Mundi