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Persiennes d'Iran

Atine, is a Persian word which means "reunited” as well as "all-original", two words which qualify well this group, with its members coming from different horizons uniting to offer us a music full of these ancestral and diverse influences. Atine's music remains nevertheless Persian music, very much of the present. The five musicians of the group play music that is both art music and popular music at the same time. The sophisticated sequencing of Persian music, the intertwining melodies of tar and qanun, the deft tombak drum, the profoundly rich vocals are darkly mirrored by the western viola da gamba. Persiennes d'Iran is a magnificent project to assert what it means to be Persian women nowadays.

Line-up :

Aïda Nosrat : Vocal

Sogol Mirzaei : Tar

Christine Zayed : Qanun, vocal

Marie-Suzanne De Loye : Viola da Gamba

Saghar Khadem : Percussions

Collection VOX POPULI

In the press
  • Persiennes d'Iran : Review

    "This is an interesting debut and a recommended listen [...] and I look forward to hearing Atine gain in confidence and ambition as the group develops its musical voice going forward"

    Laudan Nooshin

AC 187 - 2020