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It could be a meeting on a winter's afternoon in a hotel bar or one that takes place in the privacy of a mutual friend's home. Somewhere out of the limelight. And if such a private meeting were between the French singer Barbara and Lebanese singer Fairouz – two personally reticent and extraordinary women – it would be one conducted with modesty and a mutual, respectful willingness to share intimate thoughts.

Dorsaf Hamdani singing "Barbara and Fairouz" is not an invitation to witness a duel between two divas on the stage at Madison Square Garden. "I wanted them to talk to together, one to the other" she says.

The result is of such lucidity that everything seems self-evident: the proximity of two anti-conformist universes, the dizzying freedom seeming to spring from their every song, the spiritual kinship of two artists who are, each in their own cultures, both enigmas.

And in fact, it's a nice surprise hardly noticing the difference between these two worlds nor the language in which Dorsaf sings. Melodies born in Lebanon and on the banks of the Seine seem to be of the same material, same palette, same moods.

This makes Dorsaf the sister of these two great predecessors, both so far away and so close to each other. A sister with daring and restraint, who lives on the edge and also with certainties. And it's as if, beyond time, languages and the sea, a family of free and unique women were united by singing.

From Bertrand Dicale

Distribution :

Dorsaf Hamdani : vocals
Daniel Mille : accordion, musical direction
Lucien Zerrad : guitar, oud, arrangements
Zied Zouari : violon
Yousef Zayed: percussions, oud

Collection VOX POPULI

In the press
  • Barbara- Fairouz

    « Barbara and Fairuz haunt French and Arabic repertoires. In this tribute, acclaimed Tunisian singer Dorsaf Hamdani imagine the dialogue between the two divas : a delightful result »


CD - AC 159 - 2014
Harmonia Mundi