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After an eight-year break during which Mehdi and Smadj went their separate ways to explore new projects, the desire to make music together again returned. DuOud reformed: the two companions meet in residence to lay the foundations of a new repertoire. The idea is to try to find the impulse of the beginning. This return to the sources obviously leads DuOuD elsewhere than the duettists imagined when they met again. The intentions of the titles evolve during the creation. Then DuOuD started touring again, with about fifty dates on several continents - including a memorable tour in China where they discovered the Menshen: guardians of the threshold in traditional Chinese culture, represented at the doors of houses.
The concept (and title) of the album was born. The two oudists posed in China for the album cover and keep this word as the title: "We are the guardians of two worlds. We revere and play the tradition of the instrument and, at the same time, we create a world for it. For the public, we are the guardians of the oud they know and the oud they don't know.
For its return, the duo offers us an acoustic and electronic album, both Maghrebi and Western, firmly rooted in tradition and at the same time resolutely modern.


DuOuD on tour :

23/09/2022 - Mimo Festival - Porto (Portugal)

08/10/2022 - Dancing Strings Festival - Utrecht (The Netherlands)

09/10/2022 - Dancing Strings Festival - La Haye (The Netherlands)

29/10/2022 - Festival du Monde Arabe - Montréal (Canada)

11/11/2022 - Mimo Festival - Sao Paolo (Brazil)

18/11/2022 - Mimo Festival - Itariba (Brazil)

In the press
  • Duoud

    "It smells like dance, trance, metissage. DuOud, a very meticulous and beautiful music."

AC 188 - 2022