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Goussan, Bardes d'Arménie // Armenian troubadours

L'art du barde amoureux

Gaguik and the Gossan Ensemble revisit the poetic and musical armenian heritage. Their music is inspired by Sayat Nova and other troubadours of the Caucase, settled since middle ages.

Gaguik Mouradian and his ensemble travel through the poetic and musical heritage of the Caucase, where the “medjlis”, poetic assemblies, still take place today and in which musicians improvise their singing answering to each other, in solo or with several persons.

Heirs of the troubadours, musicians and poets, attached to the different kingdoms of the Near –East or west Asia, the Goussans named later “ashik”, composed in Armenian, Persian, Turkish or Georgian.
These troubadours, first related to heathen religious ceremonies, to the resurrection of the Gods, as Mourané, the Mother of the Armenians and her son Guissiané from which the term “goussan” derives from, they explore today themes such as: philosophy, love in all it’s component, society and epic.
Their art is passed on from master to disciple by a long individual and oral teaching.

Oscillation between reality and imagination, this opus presents a mosaic of tonality, assembled from time to time to explore a key/mode, a rhythm, an author or a theme.

Artistic direction : Martina A. Catella.

Distribution :

Gaguik Mouradian : kamantcha, artistic direction
Armén Badalian : vocals, percussion
Lévon Torossian : oud, saz, vocals
Vickén Balassanian : doudouk, peloul, amerindian flutes
Dzovinar Hovhannissian : kanone, long zither

Collection VOX POPULI

CD - AC 120 - 2007
Harmonia Mundi