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L'oiseau de Feu // Firebird

Musique persane et poèmes mystiques d'Orient et d'Occident // Persian music and mystical poetry from East and West

"Firebird" is an original creation, under the artistic direction of Gérard Kurkdjian, in which Iranien traditional music meets baroque viola, mystic writings from Christianism and soufi Islam... The bright tones of Hassan Tabar's santur, the incandescent surge of Taghi Akhbari's voice, the intimate curls of the viola da gamba of Jonathan Dunford and the erudite percussions of Bijan Chemirani's zarb and daf punctuate Saint Augustin, Mansour Hallaj, Kabir, Maître Eckart or Emir Abdel Qader's outstanding texts, declaimed by Gérard Kurkdjian.

"Firebird" unite "explorer" musiciens, alble to resurrect baroque music masters as Sainte Colombe and Marin Marais alongside Djallaleddin Roumi and Saint François d'Assise.
An intense and elegant dream in which melodies, rythms and poems, declaimed in French and Persian, weave the case of an immemorial night during which, beyond codes and dogmas, Orient and Occident meet.

Distribution :

Jonathan Dunford : viole de gambe
Hassan Tabar : santour
Bijan Chemirani : zarb, daf
Taghi Akhbari : vocals
Gérard Kurdjian : vocals, percussions

Collection VOX POPULI

CD - AC 149 - 2013
Harmonia Mundi