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Le Mississippi // The Mississippi

Le chant des fleuves // The songs of the rivers

The world's musics often seem to conform with the unchanging course of tradition. The latter, however, swells up with fine-grained sediments and boisterous tributaries fill it to overflowing. Tradition, just like a river, sometimes even bursts its banks.

Think of the Nile, Mississippi, Niger, Ganges, Danube...

Those rivers, fed by an infinity of landscapes and lives crossed, carry multiple currents throughout their non-stop journeys. Now consider the musics that confide in these rivers all along their passages. These musics which sup from the flowing waters, drink from their perpetual movements. The song of the rivers invites you to explore the course of musics that have developed on the banks of ancestral waters. This collection, "The Mississippi", is the second volume in the series.

It has a name that comes from another time, a myth, a God perhaps. The Mississippi flows from the Great Lakes region to the Gulf of Mexico. It's waters lap upon all the musical river shorelines that make up the story of American music. As it passes through the towns and countrysides, the river clarifies itself in the mud of the blues, sweats in the bayous of cajun and zydeco music, swells with the breath of jazz in New Orleans, brims with enthusiasm in the rock and soul of Memphis, ripples through the waves of old-time, bluegrass, folk, rock and rap. It is the great music river par excellence.


LIVRE+2CD - AC 156-57 - 2014
Harmonia Mundi