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Les chants brûlés // Songs of Rebirth

Hommage au poète persan du XIIIe siècle Rûmî // Tribute to Rumi

Mowlânâ Jalâloddin Rûmi is one on the greatest poets of the Iranian world. He was the source of the samâ, the spiritual concert, still practiced in most of soufi areas of the Muslim world.

With a deep sensitivity, Ali Reza Ghorbani interwines faith and intimate chant with an outstanding vocal technique. In this secpnd opus, he's surrounded by young and talented musicians to celebrate this great Persian mystic's poems. If erudite Persian music enhences the solist's voice, it's also a place for exchange on which every member of the ensemble dialogue learnedly as well as freely.

Distribution :

Ali reza Ghorbani : chant
Hamid Reza Khabbazi : tar
Shervin Mohajer : kamanchech
Saman Samimi : kamanche
Rashid Kakavand : tonbak et daf
Eshagh Chegini : ney

Collection VOX POPULI

CD - AC 122 - 2010
Harmonia Mundi