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Maqâm Roads

Tunisie - Arménie - Turquie

Album release November 3th 2017

With his violin and alto sax, Zied Zouari make born in us the reminiscences of an ancestral song with contemporary rhythms. For this audacious tale, the artist surrounded himself with Julien Tekeyan at the drums and at the armenian percussion instrument, and Abdurrahman Tarikci at the bass, at the Saz and vocals.

Maqâm Roads is an invitation to travel from Gnawa to Marocco, the Tba’ in Tunisia, the mûgâm in Irania or also the Raga in India. The maqâm appears as a common thread enabling dialogue between diferent musical traditions from Maghreb to Far East. This project appears as bearer of peace and justice in front of a morose and decadent news. A rare alchemy signed by three outstanding artists.

Line-up : 

Zied Zouari : violin, alto sax

Julien Tekeyan : drums, armenian percussion instrument

Abdurrahman Tarikci : bass, vocals