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Album release November 24th 2017

Sabry Mosbah, son of the famous singer and composer Slah Mosbah, is considered one of the leaders of the new emerging Tunisian stage. The album Asly ("My Roots") plunges us into an atmosphere almost mythical, conforming to visions tainted with exoticism that still spread across the Mediterranean shores. Mixing is present in all stages of this disc, from its conception between Paris, Tunis and Brussels, to its very essence, which mixes rock with various forms of Tunisian popular music. The artist with multiple influences gently oscillates between the current sonorities of a fretless guitar and huge bewitching basses posed on powerful and deep rhythms, conducive to trance.


Line-up :

Sabry Mosbah : Vocals, musical arrangement

Imed Rezgui : Percussion

Nada Mahmoud : Guitar / Luth

Emrah Kaptan : Bass

Benjamin Farrugia : Drums