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Kamilya Jubran, singer and Palestinian oud player and Sarah Murcia, French doublebassist had thought of blending their respective universe and language for a long time .

"Nhaoul'" is like a magic word they finally found to give a free hand to their heartstrings on a patiently built playground.
The duo is based on a surpring musical convergence and esthetic which solidified by deepening several Kamilya compositions in a prose poetic form to enable a large rythmic and melodic freedom.
Texts are strong, chosen among contemporary poets or, in the case of the Suite Nomade, taken from a Bedouin poetry collection coming from the Sinaï and the Negev deserts and sung in traditional dialect.

"Nhaoul'", first created on the ARC de Rezé and the Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues stages, has not finished to surprise. By the way, "Nhaoul'" means "loom" in Arabic language, and more precisely the mechanical part on which the wire is stretched and interweaved. No doubt here : the weft is solid.

Distribution :

Kamilya Jubran : oud, vocals
Sarah Murcia : doublebass
Marion Brizemur : alto
Catherine Debrouker : violin
Christine Krauz : cello

Collection VOX POPULI

CD - AC 147 - 2013
Harmonia Mundi