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Chants fougueux des Pays d'Oc // Occitan protest songs

Reaching its height in the 13th century, sirventès is a form of sung protest poetry which denounces its century's violences, powerful people's stupidity and describes human feelings' fugacity.
Sirventès perfectly embodies these poet-musiciens' soul, dived into their time, as troubadours so far from the expression of a courtly love.

Eight centuries later, a vigorous and passioned trio appropriates with enthusiasm this borderless protest poetry.

Grégory Dargent and Youssef Hbeisch lead with force and distinction Manu Théron's vocals in a renewed, bright and exalted interpretation of these timeless texts, arranged with audacity and character, transcending these poet-musicien's more than ever contemporary art.

Distribution :

Manu Théron : vocals
Grégory Dargent : oud
Youssef Hbeisch : percussions

Collection VOX POPULI

CD - AC 158 - 2015
Harmonia Mundi