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Les Cigales

Katerina Fotinaki belongs to the new generation of greek diaspora artists. After having played for seven years along elder Angélique Ionatos, Katerina Fotinaki releases her first solo album “Tzitzikia” (“the cicadas”).

She seeks to re-build her image of Greece, with the essential help of music and poetry, with regard to the actual political situation of her native land. Based on modern greek poetry (Elytis, Manos Hadjidakis), “Tzitzikia” is as rooted in anatolian and oriental traditions, as contemporary in its musical arrangements, and, opened to other musical influences, such as slam and tango.

Distribution :

Katerina Fotinaki : guitar, vocals
Angelique Ionatos
: vocals
Cécile Audebert
: harp
Gaspar Claus : cello
Jean Louis Forrestier : conductor
Louise Jallu : bandoneon
Matías González : bandoneon
Orestis Kalabalikis : guitar
Stamos Semsis : alto
Yousef Zayed : classic & oriental percussions

Collection VOX POPULI

CD - AC 151 - 2014
Harmonia Mundi