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We Have Tigers

Album release September 22th 2017

A complex artist, the Australian singer Inga Liljeström, created a strong visual and musical world in which poetry, cinema, visual arts and music echoed to appease us. "We Have Tigers", his latest creation, is a little folk jewel that unites a disparate repertoire with strong arrangements that give each piece an atmosphere, sometimes dark and angry, sometimes warmer and more luminous. Like a film, it takes you through different landscapes, different emotions. The voice of Inga, perfectly mastered, oscillates throughout the 12 songs, between sweetness and intensity to tell us his stories of love or his stories of death, to tear us away.

Line-up : 

Inga Liljeström  - Vocals, Guitar, Ukulélé, Toy Piano

Magne Guillaume - guitar

Cox Melissa - violin

Cellier Thibault - doublebasse

Lantonnet Guillaume - drums

AC177 - 2017