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Hamid El Kasri & Karim Ziad

"Yobadi", a musical tale of friendship between two artists who cross their universe...

"They have often played together but had only dreamed of bringing out an album. This has finally materialized with music aranged by Karim Ziad and supported by Hamid's stirring voice and skilled playing of hajhouj. Adorned with sparkling bass, lined with awesome guitar riffs, shaken by a deluge of percussions, transported by the obsessive roaring of the gumbri..."

Rabah Mezouane

Distribution :

Karim Ziad : drums
Hamid El Kasri : vocals, gumbr
Michel Alibo : bass
Linley Marthes : keyboards, flute
David Aubaile : trombone
Alain Debiossat : saxophone soprano
Vincent Mascart : saxophone alto
Nguyen Le : guitar
Chris Jenning : doublebass
Bojan Z : piano
Jacque Schwarz-Bart : saxophone
Scott Kinsey : piano
Khaled : vocals

Collection VOX POPULI

CD - AC 138 - 2010
Harmonia Mundi