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Further to "Souffles du Monde" in 2015, initiated by the renowned flutist Henri Tournier, a great figure of the world music, and the exciting exchanges with the ambassador of Mongolia's music, Enkhjargal Dadarvaanchig aka "Épi", a new journey was begins in 2017 with "Steppes breaths".

The meeting of both musical and cultural worlds, brings to light original compositions and traditional Mongol songs : the various sounds of the flutes and the famous songs of Mongolia "khöömi".

The Mongolian vocal and instrumental practices embody in their own way the fundamental place of nature in our life. "Steppes breaths" highlights the traditional pallet of Epi's traditional vocal techniques with the sounds of Henri Tournier's flutes, the original compositions with pieces from the traditional repertoire of Mongolia, creating thus, a new kind of music.
Johanni Curtet, specialist of Middle Asian music.

Line-Up :

Henri Tournier : Flutes bansuri from India, flutes, doublebass
Enkhjargal Dadarvaanchig dit Épi : Voice, Morin Khuur, Tovshuur
Thierry Gomar : Zarb, Daf, Bayan, Tibetans bowls, Bells, Rattler
Johan Renard : Violin

Collection VOX POPULI

AC165 - 2017